Why you should clean your carpets as soon as possible!
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Did you know that a 2018 study concluded that, “Continued caution should still be exercised when considering the use of wall-to-wall carpeted floors in schools, kindergartens, and offices, as well as in children’s bedrooms unless special needs indicate that carpet are preferable”?

Carpets are extremely dirty! There are very few exceptions to this. Did you know that one square yard of carpet can contain up to one pound of dirt? Even with one pound of dirt, the carpet may appear clean. In a study done in 2019, United Carpets & Beds found that only 3% of people have their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. There are great benefits to cleaning your carpets professionally. Do-It-Yourself methods may actually damage your carpets, so getting your carpets cleaned by a professional is always the right thing to do. Precision Chem-Dry offers affordable rates and a deeper, longer lasting, faster drying clean. 

Additionally, studies show that carpets can be 4,000 times dirtier than an average toilet bowl. Isn’t that nasty? For the rest of the 97% of the population that doesn’t clean their carpets each year, you may want to! With that being said, many people do not realize how dirty their carpets are. So, request a free quote from Precision Chem-Dry and feel how clean carpets can completely change your home!