Spring Cleaning Tips from Precision Chem-Dry
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As many are aware, the infamous Punxsutawney Phil, the seer of seers, saw his shadow during the 136th annual tradition on February 2nd. We are nearly eight weeks removed from the event, which means that winter is officially over! The six additional weeks of winter predicted by Phil have come and gone. Spring brings rain (hopefully), flowers, good weather, and spring cleaning. Here at Precision Chem-Dry, we have compiled a list of a few helpful tips to facilitate your home cleaning process!

1. Create a schedule: Spring cleaning can appear daunting, especially in larger, family-dwelling homes. It may be easier to knock tasks off the to-do list with a plan by first creating a to-do list. You don’t need to accomplish everything on a single Saturday, though that may work best for some. Create a list of the chores, schedule a specific time to complete them, and take care of them one at a time. You’ll be done before you know it!

2. Don’t Forget about the Walls and Windows: It might be easy to forget that the walls and windows of your home need cleaning too. Start from the top and move to the bottom when cleaning your walls, finishing with the baseboards. A damp towel can be used to wipe down the walls. Additionally, you don’t realize the difference that clean windows can make in your home. Hire a professional to get this done if you’d like to make this easier on yourself. If not, you can take care of this yourself; we recommend not using a chemical cleaner but instead using water with a bit of dishwasher soap and a squeegee. Don't forget to remove the window screens and wipe those down!

3. Simple Applications of Lemon-Lime: Several ways to use lemons and limes. Both have a high acidity, which makes them great cleaning agents. Lemon rinds can get your kitchen sink smelling fresh. Run ground-up lemon rinds through the disposal, followed with cold water, and enjoy the results! You can also clean your microwave by adding chopped-up lemons and limes to water. Create the mixture, put it in the microwave for several minutes, and let it cool for five minutes afterward. To finish, wipe the inside with a sponge. Finally, lemons can take the stains out of your cutting boards. Slice a lemon in half and run it over the board; sprinkle some baking soda or salt on the board first if the stain persists.

4. Reorganize the Junk Drawer: Every home has a junk drawer. Maybe you hesitate to clean it out because it will inevitably revert to its past form. Combat this notion by tossing junk and finding a new spot for misplaced items. Once the drawer is empty, vacuum the drawer, and create a functional, organized drawer. Don’t cram the drawer full; if this happens, it might mean items need a new location.

5. Dust the Ceiling Fixtures: Ceiling fans and hanging lights are often forgotten! The point of spring cleaning is to accomplish the cleanings that go unattended during the rest of the year. Be sure to vacuum your floors once you’ve dusted the fans and lights. Otherwise, you’ll most likely have to do it twice.

6. Clean the Carpets and Upholstered Furniture: Carpet also seems to be oft forgotten. Darker colored carpet seems to hide dirt and grime exceptionally well. Did you know that one square yard of carpet can contain up to one pound of dirt? That’s a lot of dirt! Our carpet cleaning services at Precision Chem-Dry remove dirt, grime, and allergens. Our carpet cleaning technology eliminates an average of 98.1% of allergens, such as pet dander and dust mite matter. Our slogan suggests, “We clean for your health like no one else®.” Click here to schedule your cleaning today! We hope to see you soon!