Is Chem-Dry carpet cleaning safe for babies?
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Yes, Chem-Dry is Safe for babies!  

As a parent, you are doing your best for your little one. If your baby spends a lot of time on or near the ground, the last thing you should have to worry about is a carpet cleaning solution being toxic to your young child. We want play time to be safe and worry free.  

Over 40 years ago, Chem-Dry created a natural carpet cleaner that's safe for babies and deep cleans carpet.  

Our cleaner is Non-Toxic.  

“The Natural”, our carpet cleaning solution, is tough on dirt and grime while being safe enough to drink. If your baby did ingest a small amount it would not taste good but they would be okay. The natural ingredients would go through their body without causing damage.  

No Harsh Chemicals  

No Phosphates  

No Soaps  

No Detergents 


All ingredients are inspired by nature and can be found on the FDA Generally Recognized as Safe list. Just like it won’t harm your baby, it won’t harm the environment. Chem-Dry's carpet cleaning service is green certified and non-toxic. It's the smart choice for parents.  

Professional Carpet Cleaning can keep your baby healthy.  

With regular cleanings your baby's play area can be free of dirt, 99.9% of allergens and 89.9% of viruses and bacteria.* Vacuuming alone can’t rid your home of these airborne dangers.  

Plus, our solution and cleaning process use less water than steam cleaning. When your carpet dries faster there’s no chance for mold and mildew to grow.  

You can count on us to make your house a healthier home.  

Want to learn more?  

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