Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Chem-Dry in Las Vegas, NV provides amazing services that are better, cleaner, and safer for your home and family! When is the last time that you cleaned out the dirt and grime from your carpets? Start today fresh and call us at  (702) 438-2436 to get your carpets that deep clean that is well past due! Chem-Dry in Las Vegas, NV understands that time is valuable and that family happiness is essential, that is why we make sure to get the job done quick and right!

kids and dog sleeping on clean carpet with blanket

For more than 36 years, Chem-Dry in Las Vegas, NV has been helping families enjoy cleaner carpets and healthier homes. Chem-Dry is in more than 40 countries throughout the world at 4,000+ locations and expanding! It’s no wonder Chem-Dry has been ranked #1 for more than 20 years. From green carpet cleaning to faster drying times, families everywhere in Las Vegas prefer Precision Chem-Dry!


Our carpet cleaning process is different than most. While others may use steam cleaning to try and clean carpets, we know there’s a better way. Steam cleaning could actually even hurt your carpets, (because of all the water used in cleaning) and make it much more likely that your carpets will get mold at some point. But at Precision Chem-Dry in Las Vegas, NV we use the proprietary Carbonated Cleaner process. We clean with millions of microscopic bubbles that lift dirt and grime right off the carpets! Carpets are cleaner and drying time is significantly less – only 1-2 hours!


What’s our secret? We call it The Natural®. It’s our secret weapon in fighting dirt and grime off your carpets. Because of the millions of microscopic carbonating bubbles, it’s able to clean deeper than many other cleaners out there. It also doesn’t leave a soapy residue, so when your carpets get cleaned, they’ll stay clean! But if stains do reappear, we will to until the problem is solved!percentages of allergens and bacteria removedWhat really sets us apart from the competition is that we make Green Cleaning our priority. That’s why we’ve developed a special line of Green Certified products like Upholstery Rinse, Stain Extinguisher and Upholstery Wet/Foam Cleaner. All of these products are non-toxic and even safe for children & pets! It may be small, but it’s just our way of keeping Las Vegas and the world a great place to live!

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